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My Therapy Shop is an open marketplace for therapists and creators to find, buy, sell, and share their original products for therapy, productivity and learning,  and supplies for creating such items. products may include electronically delivered files, digital products, streaming video, physical or used goods, and other product types. My Therapy Shop may modify, add, discontinue support for, or limit the availability of any product type.  My Therapy Shop does not own or sell the products for or on behalf of our Sellers, they are independent sellers, and My Therapy Shop is the gateway for them to sell.

Users of the marketplace include members who have registered for an account, and visitors who browse the marketplace without registering for an Account. (Visitors and Members together are our “Users”.)

By using our Services as a Visitor, Member, or in any other manner, you agree to follow these Terms.



To use many aspects of our site, you will need to become a Member. Only individuals who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to become Members. By registering for an Account or using the site, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old.

When you create an Account, the information you provide needs to be true and accurate. Don’t provide fake or false information, don’t provide information that violates someone else’s rights, and don’t impersonate someone else.

We may ask for proof of your age or identity at any time in order to verify your Account and we may close or suspend access to your Account if you violate this rule or if we are unable to verify your age or identity.

If you’re a school, organization, government, business, or other entity, the person whose email address is associated with the Account must have authority to bind the entity to this Agreement.

If your Account has been closed by My Therapy Shop, you are no longer eligible to be a Member.


You’ll be asked to pick a username for your Account. Your username has to be unique and can’t be inappropriate, offensive, or something that violates the rights of someone else.

You’ll also be asked to pick a password to protect your Account. Together this information is used to access your Account. It’s your responsibility to keep your login information confidential and you’re responsible for any and all activity that happens under your Account whether or not you authorized it. If you believe that your Account has been accessed by an unauthorized person, please contact our support as quickly as possible at support@mytherapyshop.com so we can help.


Buyers. You can join My Therapy Shop as a Buyer to use our Services for purchasing and downloading Resources. A Buyer Account is owned by the individual whose name and email address are listed on the Account profile. As a Buyer, you’ll be able to make purchases, download free and purchased Resources, post Feedback, questions, comments, requests, or other public messages, connect with other Members, and enjoy other features and services we may offer.

Sellers. You can enjoy additional capabilities that allow you to offer and sell Resources through our Services as a Seller. Sellers include individuals offering their own created works. My Therapy Shop reserves the right to modify your Seller Membership type at any time at our discretion.

Seller Memberships have all the same features of Buyer Memberships plus the ability to upload and sell Resources, access sales data. The tools and features available to a Seller depend on the Seller’s chosen Membership level.


Purchases, taxes, and fees. You are responsible for paying any amounts due, including any applicable taxes, when you make purchases on My Therapy Shop. When you purchase on My Therapy Shop, you will be charged (in U.S. Dollars) the list price for each item as well as applicable state and local sales taxes, and any fees associated with your order. By placing an order, you represent and warrant that the billing information you’ve provided is accurate. My Therapy Shop enables Sellers to collect sales tax on applicable orders in states where they have designated an obligation. My Therapy Shop is not responsible for the information provided by our Sellers and does not guarantee the accuracy of sales tax calculations. Where sales tax is not collected, you are solely responsible for the payment of any use tax that may apply to your purchase and you may be required to file a use tax return to pay such taxes.

Buyers. Joining as a Buyer is free. Buyers may, at any time, and after paying any applicable fees, upgrade to a Seller Membership.

Sellers. TpT offers multiple Seller Membership options. Each Seller Membership has different features and privileges, Payout Rates, and Fees.

“Fees” include (1) membership subscription fees charged each membership term (“Membership Fees”), and (2) fees charged per Resource sold (“Transaction Fees”).

“Payout Rate” is defined as the percentage of the list price you earn for each Resource you sell. Payout Rates may vary depending on the type of Resource and your Membership level. Your Payout Rate is applied only to the list price of each Resource at the time sold, before any Transaction Fees or Shipping Charges are applied.

The Fees and Payout Rates for each Seller Membership are defined . For any membership for which a Membership Fee applies, your membership will automatically renew each term unless you cancel the renewal. You can cancel through your membership dashboard.

We may, in our discretion, make changes to the Memberships we offer, the privileges and features available to each Membership, as well as the Fees and Payout Rates associated with each Membership at any time.

In advance of any Fee increase or change in Payout Rates, we’ll notify all affected Users at the email address associated with the account in accordance with these Terms. Changes in Payout Rates will be applied to all affected Sellers as of the stated effective date of the change, irrespective of any individual Seller’s Membership Fee renewal date. Any increase in Membership Fees will be applied only to renewals taking place after the change goes into effect.

Sellers are responsible for any other fees or costs they may incur and for paying any applicable income, sales, or other taxes they may be subject to as a result of using our Services.


These Terms are the entire agreement between you and My Therapy Shop, and they govern your relationship with My Therapy Shop. Becoming a Member of our site does not create an agency, employment, or partnership relationship between you and My Therapy Shop. My Therapy Shop is not the employer of and does not act as an agent for any Member.


Closure by My Therapy Shop:  We may, in our discretion, close or suspend the Account of any Member at any time for any reason, with or without notice.

Closure by You.  You have the right to close your My Therapy Shop account at any time, without notice to us. You can close your Account from your My Account page or by contacting us for assistance.

Effect of Account Closure.  After your account is closed, you’ll no longer have access to your Account information, past purchases, uploaded Resources, and many of the features of our Services that require an Account. If you close your Account on your own, you can reopen your Account anytime by logging in again. If you’d like for My Therapy Shop to close your Account so that it cannot be reopened upon login, please write to us.

Communications you’ve posted on the My Therapy Shop site will not be removed if your Account is closed. You may be able to remove or edit some Communications at your discretion before you close your account.

If you’re a Seller, any Resources you’ve posted will no longer be searchable and your Resource pages will not be available to Users, however your paid Resources remain accessible to the Accounts of Members who have previously purchased them.

Discontinue Services.  We may change, suspend, or discontinue offering our Services at any time. Any suspension or discontinuation in our Services may mean that that your Account, including any Resources or other materials you may have purchased from our Services, and any Resources or Communications (collectively “Content “) you may have uploaded to our Services, may not be available to you or to other Users. We are not liable to you for any impact a change, suspension, or discontinuation of our Services may have including the loss of access to any Resources that you’ve purchased, or loss of income from your temporary or permanent inability to sell Resources through our Services.

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